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About Us


Silva Stitches Crochet is an Australian family-run business inspired by our Nana’s passion for crochet and craft, officially established in December 2022. Our Nana received a great deal of support in the early stage from our Mother and Aunty. We would like to acknowledge them for providing encouragement and motivation in this important initial phase of our business. Our mother and co-founder also started to learn from nana, all of us making handmade bags with love. Now, we are three generations sharing a passion for crocheting, from crochet tops to blankets, we now want to share our creativity hand crafting fashionable products like bags and accessories.

Each bag captures the love of handcrafting with elegant, unique, trendy designs. Silva Stitches Crochet was founded to instill a love of fashion and style in Australian society, inspired by the creative crochet flare of our Brazilian with European heritage. Each bag is delicately made, which takes up to 24 hours.

Our handbags are for different age groups, tastes, and different designs are available. Order your customized, high-quality bag today.

In 2023, Silva Stitches Crochet sought to enhance their bags’ durability, elegance, and European aesthetic. This led to us becoming the importer and distributor in Australia for Circulo Premium Nautico and T-shirt yarn, produced by Círculo S/A, one of Brazil’s largest textile industries.

Based on customer feedback, we launched a new product range, the Make-It-Yourself crochet bag kits, providing everything you need to create your own bags from start to finish available in different colours and styles.

"Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you'll be surprised what happens."

~ Charles Nelson Reilly ~

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